domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Here comes the sun in the middle of winter

I hate my blog.
Why won't it let me put YouTube videos?
Here Comes the Sun

 I've already talked about a book, films, a painting, so I guess now it's turn to talk about music. More particularly about the song Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Because it's simply wonderful that it's early January and 20º outside. A weather that invites you to lay on the ground like a cat and sunbath, despite the proximity of the exams, while singing it's allright. Certainly, one of the best songs of the Beatles was writen by George Harrison

(written on Saturday 8th)

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  1. OKAY, It's very easy to put youtube videos in your blog. What I guess you're probably doing is copying the youtube link and pasting it in the body of the entry. Well, if you're doing that, you're doing it wrong. If you pay attention to the youtube window, you'll notice that there's a tab right down of the video called "embed". You just copy the html text that will appear and copy it in the body of your entry and.... DONE!

    (What's wrong between your family and technology? xDDD)