domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Don't mess with karma

So! My last entry before midnight! I'm going to tell you about the day with the worst luck in my life. Just because! (My Soulmate already knows about this, LOL)

I was in Vancouver and I couldn't sleep (how weird) so I went to the kitchen with a book in hopes that my flatmate would come out of his room so we could talk for a while to kill my boredom. I filled a glass of water and after drinking I left it on the table, next to my book. A little after midnight, I was concentrated in the story and I went to pick up the glass without tearing my eyes from the book, I miscalculated the distance and knocked over the glass. Of course, all the water spilled, getting completely wet the pillow of the chair next to mine. The day was starting really well. I dried the table and the floor, left a note of warning to my flatmate about the chair and went to sleep angry with myself.

The next day, I woke up just fine. I went into the shower and tried to get the water to start but, as I grabbed the faucet, it came off (it was very loose) and slipped from my hand falling on the floor of the shower and making so much noise it could have woken up all the neighbourhood. Great.

When I was ready, I came out of the house and walked to the skytrain station. After I got there, I noticed that I had actually come out one our and a half before the meeting time, and not knowing what would I do alone in a place I didn't know (other than getting myself lost), I decided to go back home.
As I crossed the door mumbling about how stupid I was, I run into my flatmate. He asked me why I had come back and, after I explained, he invited me to go get coffee at Starbucks, so I went.
There, I got my throat burned with the coffee and made a fool of myself coughing like a maniac. After some time, I went back to the station.

Then, I saw the skytrain arrive while I was going upstairs and hurried so much I tripped and fell on my knee, which hurt like hell. I got up the skytrain, sit down and started listening to my i-pod. The thing is, I got into the skytrain to the wrong direction, but only noticed after 20 minutes, after seeing a restaurant with a ridiculously big Elvis on the roof, which I hadn't seen any of the times I had taken the skytrain to Downtown.

The result was that I arrived half an hour late.

I still can't believe they didn't kill me.

"Not being able to sleep is terrible. Your have the misery of having partied all night... without the satisfaction." - Lynn Johnston

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  1. Your story about the glass reminds me that two days ago I wasn't able to sleep and at six in the morning I went to my kitchen to prepare a hot chocolate... While I was preparing it I noticed that I had runt out of milk so I toke my flatmate's. The point is I knew he'll mad in the morning but I really needed a chocolate, he could understand it. After preparing it I could notice in my throat that it was too hot, enough to make me throw the mug out , breaking it, messing all up. There was no more milk so I couldn't prepare another chocolate. I went to the bed after cleaning the kitchen, without my chocolate, with a very annoying throat ache and trying to make up an excuse for my flatmate. I felt like the most stupid person I've ever met.