lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

The beginning.

Well, hello, my name is Isabel Alabau and this is the first time I've tried to do a blog, so I'm not quite sure of what I should be saying in this first entry.
Maybe I should start saying (just in case someone happens to find this on the Internet by chance) that the entire blog will be in English since this is a work for my English class in my Translation and Interpretation degree in the “Universitat Jaume I”. Meaning, this is not my first language so please go easy on me, I know I'll make stupid mistakes.

Nevertheless, my brother, who helped me make this account, expects me to use this as a real blog which others can see and enjoy, and that's the only reason why this page isn't completely plain white and has a decent titol. Although I'm not sure I'll give this page to anyone apart from my teacher Justine... I guess it depends on how it will develope and if I'm not too ashamed of what I write.

First of all, I chose 'I can't sleep' as the title for my blog because I'll probably write it at night to kill time until sleepiness comes to me, even though I might update what I write the next morning or something...
I don't know what I'll write about... I guess that it'll be a mix of films, books and songs I like, like a lot of other students, but I'll try to make it a little different so that reading it to correct it won't be too boring.

All that said, I'll end this first entry here. And I'll try to make the next one a little better.
See you.

3 comentarios:

  1. You do rule the nation, darling. Your English is the loveliest evah! (love to sound stupid by saying "evah" jajajaja)
    Just one little thing: you're mixing languages up, "titol" is "título" in Català. You mean "title". It's fun because title is pronounced as titol is written, well, I don't know if you get me, but, to sum up; I was just trying to point out those funny things you translators love to notice.
    Keep on this way, and don't think you write stupid things because it's not true!

  2. Totally agree with your brother (Well, despite that "evah" crappy shit). I'm sorry if you don't like me to follow you but I'm kinda a nosy and as i cannot sleep easily, I just read everything I find, so why not? Your blog looks quite interesenting! Btw, I'm also posting in my tumblr in english in order to improve my language skill, so if you want to take sneak peek...

  3. Actually, I was gonna tell you to fuck off and stop reading my blog, but since you said that you can't sleep easily either, I sincerely welcome you xD.

    And I'm surely going to take a look at your soon as I find out what that thing is xD.

    I'm glad you follow me, my fellow sleepless friend!