jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Little pleasures

I often complain about how not being able to sleep is very annoying, but sometimes I think otherwise.
There are times when I think that laying on the bed in the semi-darkened room of the dormitory is really nice. Especially if there's rain outside. At those times, I curl up and cover myself up to my lips, listening to the small drops of water hitting ocasionally the window and the sound of the wind, like the eerie lullaby of an otherwordly creature. But instead of it making me restless or frightened, it makes me feel warm and protected by these four walls that I've come to think of as my second home.
And while I lie awake, I like thinking about a conversation I especially enjoyed, my friends, my family, a story I just read, my plans for the weekend, tomorrow... I think about these without any rush and, if I'm lucky, without worries.

I guess this is one of those little pleasures of life that you can only enjoy if you stop thinking about your work or studies and about how every minute you stay awake is a minute closer to the repetitive scream of your alarm clock beating your brain.

"And in a naked slumber, I dream of this again..."

“Bed is the best place for reading, thinking, or doing nothing.” -Doris Lessing

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  1. First of all: You've written this at 3:00 AM, I'm adding a comment to your post at 3:37 AM wich gives you an idea about my insomnia problem. And well, I gotta tell you that I used to complain about my insomnia but since this summer I realized that to not sleep is not that bad. I mean, my best ideas comes through the darkness and yep, sometimes is annoying, you gotta wake up, write something, blog something or tweet what you think is the best idea ever and tomorrow you find out that that your idea was actually bullshit. But there's other times when you really have good ideas and if you get used to insomnia and are able to control it, you can make very good thinks with that (I know it's pretty incomprehensible to talk about control insomnia if insomnia is to not be able to control how much and when you sleep but you really can do both things, to not control when you sleep and to control your insomnia. You know what I mean?

    Aaaaand, well, I've found part of myself in what you've posted. I totally agree with almost everything you've typed (Sorry, I don't like Snow Patrol),

    Keep on bloggin, you rock!! (And in some way I hate, damn it, what a good English, you could teach me or give me some lessons, whore!)