jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

"When you have insomnia you're never really asleep and you're never really awake"

Hello again!
This is my real first “I can't sleep” blog entry so I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about the probably most loved sleep-deprived character of the film industry. The thing is... no one knows his name.
I'm talking about the nameless narrator and protagonist of the film Fight Club, performed by Edward Norton.

Fight Club shows the story of an everyday man who lives alone, with no family nor friends, and works for an automovile company.
He suffers from imsomnia and so, because of a comment from his doctor (who is fed up with him saying he's suffering), he goes to a group therapy for men with testicular cancer. Eventually, he becomes addicted to these therapies since they help him cry and, consequently, sleep.

In these sessions, he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), another “tourist”who goes there for fun, and has to divide the therapies with her because her being there makes him unable to cry and then sleep.

Later on, he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) on a bussiness flight, a man who makes soap for a living. They talk a bit and Tyler gives him his telephone number. When the narrator gets home, he finds his apartment blown up and asks Tyler to meet him to talk. After a few drinks in a bar, they get out and Tyler offers his house for the narrator to stay, the only condition is that he has to hit Tyler as hard as he can. They start fighting and after that, they go home.
They keep on having these fights outside the bar and it starts to attract other people who want to participate, so they start the fight club, lead by Tyler. As time goes by and the members start becoming more involved, they create an anti-materialist and anti-corporate organisation, in which all the members have to do some “homework” without asking questions in order to complete the Project Mayhem, planned by Tyler.

At the same time, Marla and Tyler become sexualy involved and because of that relationship, the narrator and Marla also have to deal with each other.

What is Project Mayhem about? Why Tyler and Marla are never seen together in the film? Who blew up the narrator's appartment? What's Marla's role in all this?

Fight club is one of the most interesting and original films I've ever watched. And even thought reading reviews or watching the trailer may give you an idea of a commercial, free-violence film, it's nothing near the reality. It actually deals with themes like consumerism, growing up, disapointment with society, and real freedom.
So give it a chance, it's really worth it.

EDIT: I'll try to upload the videos I wanted to show here as soon as I can ¬¬ I hate blogger right now.

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  1. I can teach you tu upload youtube and vimeo videos. It's really easy in fact, you just have to copy a code which youtube would give you.
    BTW, It is not "even thought", but "even though"
    Nice entry, it reminds me of a review of the same film I made while preparing for my CAE exam xD. Well, it just reminds me because of the topic and film, but not because of the vocabulary. Yours is richer, I was like "The main character is a man who...", "The plot becomes complicated when...". And stupid stuff like that, you know, easy sentences from a model xD.
    :* Love you! (I can't sleep either ToT)

  2. Man, I always get that wrong! ("thought")

    No, I read the instructions about how to upload a video from youtube, but although I copy the code, the video just won't show in the page >:(
    I'll try it again at home.

  3. You, guys, looks so sweet talking each other in english....!!! (Told ya, I'm a nosy)